Caisson at Arlington National Cemetery

The silence of the procession is broken only by the rhythmic clip-clop of the seven handsome horses. Astride four of the horses, soldiers sit ramrod straight and stiff. The horses, head erect, bodies taut and controlled, seem to initiate the solemn military bearing of the men who sit quietly in the saddles.

Six of the horses pull a flag draped casket on a black artillery caisson. Both men and horses are conscious that this is no ordinary ride through a cool, shady country lane. They have the honor of carrying a comrade for his last ride to Arlington National Cemetery, where he will rest in peace with other honored dead.

The solemn dignity which the men and horses lend to this ceremony is neither accidental nor instinctive. Both men and horses train constantly for this duty. They are members of the Caisson platoon of the 3d United States Infantry "The Old Guard".

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